Based in West London and working with customers all over the UK (one of our oldest customers is actually based in the US), The Design Forum specialise in building websites.  Some we design from scratch, some are refurbishments of customers existing sites and some are built based on designs from other agencies and designers.  If you have an idea you'd like to quickly see on the web, get in touch.

Our Services

Building Websites - from your design

We specialise in building mobile responsive websites based upon your design, be you an agency, designer or start-up owner with a sketch.

Good examples of this are Taybridge Associates, Moorhouse Digital Marketing and Impact Investment Consultants.

Hosting Websites - simple & full-service

We can host your website on our cloud platform with options ranging from you looking after your site,  to us providing all the security, backups and updates you'll need.

refreshing existing Websites - updating and mobile

Do you have a website that needs a makeover or updating to be mobile-responsive.  Taking your existing site and branding we'll make sure you have something that looks fresh and works across multiple devices.

Recent examples include Kew Market, Earthlife and Primrose Cafe.

Branding & Design

From a simple logo, website, to a full branding package, working with our regular partners we can provide a range of different solutions.

E-commerce websites, integration to FB & Instagram

Whether it's to sell your hand-crafted clothes or selling baby feeding products worldwide, we can build an e-commerce site for you.

Sites using E-commerce in different ways are: Kew Fete (Stall bookings & payment), Tee to Green Coaching (voucher sales) and Oogaa (sales worldwide, and integration to Facebook store and Instagram tagging).


All our websites are search-engine friendly and we'll advise you on how to get the best out of your site or blog.

Featured Project

Some time ago, we we created the branding and website for the popular Kew Village Market in West London.  We have recently revamped the website, making it mobile friendly whilst keeping the feel of the old site and branding.

A series of posters and promotional postcards were designed to advertise the once-monthly Kew Village Market. These were widely popular promotional pieces as the Kew residents felt they ‘blended in’ with the old Victorian village feel of Kew Gardens, which is a conservation area. The same visual style appears throughout all literature and signage reinforcing the market appearing established and traditional.

The website for Kew Village Market is an integral part of promoting the new community market. An informative website – it is responsible for giving stall holder information, application forms, recruiting of volunteers, timings and directions. A blog and gallery of pictures also keep the site current and interesting, while email subscriptions and automated newsletters are sent to the local populace.


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